I did it!

Recital is behind me, thank goodness, and I did okay.  No glaring mistakes, as far as I know, and I didn’t freeze, but my sweet teacher played it as a duet with me and that helped.  Plus, I practiced my song about 15 times this weekend, hoping that I’d be on “auto pilot” with it and that helped ALOT.  I had quite a bit of support, from my teacher, as well as her whole family and my husband.  But then, I’ve had that all along.

I  am going to just keep on an even keel with my violin for a  few weeks, and really concentrate on the piano, so I can forge ahead some.  When I do feel ready, my plan for the fiddle this summer is to just try and learn some fiddle riffs from some of my favorite country songs.  My aim is to do this by ear and really try to get better at that.

Wish it wasn’t Sunday and tomorrow wasn’t Monday.  I’m sure there are a few million others in this country alone who are with me on that.  I’m off now to download videos that my husband took at the recital.


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