Back to the very mundane..

Dust cloths.  Yeah, exciting.  Okay, but I made a great discovery for saving money and paper/trees, etc.  I’ve been using the Swiffer handles with the nice, fluffy paper mop ends that are ridiculously expensive, but very efficient at dusting.   So, that being said, I was in the grocery store looking for that ridiculously expensive and wasteful box of refills and found this instead!


It is the “Fuzzy Wuzzy” chenille duster.  It was cheap and the great thing is that it has these wonderful microfiber “fingers” that get into small spaces and grab the dust.  The even better thing is that the mop end comes off and goes in your washing machine (air dry only.)   No more buying wasteful, expensive fluffy papers.  Yes, I know I bought this thing, and can’t use my old Swiffer handles, but really?…..this Fuzzy Wuzzy cost me less than a box of refills for the Swiffer.  And I’m done.

Certainly, old rags are more frugal, but not at all efficient at picking up dust.  Spraying Endust or something similar is something I don’t want to do often.  It’s something I do only a few times a year and rags will suffice for that.  But for the weekly dusting, this is terrific.  It won’t send your dust flying like a feather duster and it won’t keep putting profits in the pockets of the Swiffer company (Procter and Gamble, I think….and they are doing just fine without anymore help from me.), and paper in our landfills.  No more trees will have to die for me to dust my house.


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