Back home to reality.

Well, almost.  I still have a few days off, thank goodness, but home brings you back to real life almost instantly.  Laundry, cleaning, garden, groceries.  I decided to be good to myself today and ease in gradually, only doing the laundry (which was considerable!) and some picking up, along with some errands in town.  Oh, and reconciling the bank statment–not difficult, but time consuming and tedious, since we pay for nearly everything with our debit card.  It’s been a quiet day alone, since Jim had a “field trip” with my sis-in-law and her brother.  It was nice to be with myself.  I need that sometimes so I can clear my head and listen to my own thoughts.

But to show you how relaxing most of our trip was, here is a good representation:

The weather was mostly fantastic!  In the seventies and breezy, which was great for napping out by the creek.  Or handsewing by the creek, which was mostly what I did, but I took my turn in the recliner on occasion, too. 🙂

I discovered the joy of making yo-yos, which is quite addictive.  I wanted to have an assortment made up for embellishing some little dresses I’m going to make for a charity.  And of course, they have other uses, too, such as on handbags, sweaters, hairbands, etc.  Real afficionados sew them together and make placemats, table runners and even quilts.  I’m not fond of that look.  Sometimes less is more.

For the non-sewers, yo-yos are little fabric circles that are gathered up, so they look a lot like flowers.  They way they are done, there are no raw edges showing and they are very quick to make with the little plastic discs sold in sewing stores, though women have been making them for probably at least a couple hundred years.  You can make them in various sizes and layer them, or add buttons or beads to the centers. Here’s a sampling of mine in two sizes:

Flowery patterns/colors look great, of course, but even geometric designs like the stripes turn out beautifully.  When I ran out of the scraps I brought with me, I went shopping at Goodwill for something inexpensive to cut up and that’s where I found the flowery pinks.   You can get lots of beautiful fabric cheap if you are willing to shop at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales (and if you only need small pieces.)  You just have to get over cutting into a beautiful garment.  Sometimes it’s hard.

So that’s my vacation.  Traveling a beautiful countryside, laying in a recliner by the creek, visiting with relatives on the deck, marshmallows over a campfire….and yo-yos.  Now it’s back to making more camper curtains and shortening some I bought (also at Goodwill), saving myself a LOT of time.

We did one other exciting thing on our last day and it involves a purchase I can’t talk about yet, so I will update on that in about a week.


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