A fun charity project

I love to sew.  Not just anything, of course, because some things are just so boring, I’d almost rather clean a toilet.  I’m only exaggerating a little, but an example is hemming my husbands pants.  ALL of his new pants must be hemmed before he can wear them and most of them are jeans.  My hands are usually battered from pins by the time I’m done and he often buys 2 or 3 at once.  I hate that.

Making a lot of plain panel curtains aren’t much better though I’m not usually scratched to pieces by pins when their done.

But THIS project was fun, fast and allowed me full vent to creativity.  AND it will benefit some little girls who desperately need help.  The design is called a “pillowcase” dress, because you can literally make them from pillowcases, but I did not.  There are various ways to handle the arm holes, straps and bodices, and I tried a couple of them.  Anyhow, I had three of them turned out in no time at all and the fun part was embellishing them.  I had all these yo-yos I had made and some leftover trim from other projects, plus I decided to buy some white rick-rack.  Here are the results:

The dress in the middle was a longer one that I’ve folded up for the photo.

Some detail showing how I used the yo-yos.  One of the dresses also had smaller yo-yos on the back at the base of the ties.

Don’t you just love these bright colors???  And I found these fabrics on a clearance table, for very small $$$$, plus, their purchase also benefited another children’s group.  How great is that?!

The red trim has little white hearts (hard to see here) and was a leftover from something I made years ago.  I have no idea what or when. 🙂

So now I have finished something really fun and sent it off to “Little Dresses for Africa” (see my blog roll link for more info) and it’s time to get back to curtains for the camper.  I bought a number of plain ivory colored panels at Goodwill on my last trip there and some of them worked out fine for the front and back walls of the bedroom, but some will need to be shortened to exactly fit the space above our bed.  They need to fit a rod at the bottom as well as the top, because that keeps them from hitting the pillows and getting in your hair as you sleep.  So precision will be necessary.  It’s only two panels, though, so I can knock that out quickly.  But I’ve decided to use some red and beige fabric my son gave me for Christmas to make some bias trims for them.  I bought bias maker tools and they work really well.  I can get these two panels trimmed and take the rest with me to sew onto the two sets I left on the windows at the camper.  I can easily sew them on with the little Featherweight machine I left there.

I am OFF work for the next four days….State of MD “service reduction day” tomorrow and Labor Day on Monday.  I am looking forward to these lovely days and then, in about two weeks, it’s time to go back to the camper in the mountains for one last hurrah before fall and winter creeps in.

ADDENDUM:  WordPress informs me that this is my 100th post!  Yay!  And for that I get…..wait for it……..nothing 😦  But then, I’m only writing this because I want to.  Readers and comments would be good though.  If you are a regular reader…or even just passing through…please drop a quick comment to let me know.  It would be highly motivational for me.


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