Apple picking day!

We have apple trees in our yard that were well established when we bought the house about 25 years ago.  We don’t usually bother with them because they require spraying several times throughout the season and I hate doing that because of the other creatures.  But one other time we did it and had a great harvest, so this year….since we knew we weren’t going to have a real garden, we did what we had to do with the trees and they have blessed us with lots of lovely apples.  They have also blessed the squirrels, the raccoons, birds, butterflies, wasps and many other creatures with their bounty.

So today was a beautiful day and we picked many of them, set up our processing station on the picnic bench and went to town with an old-fashioned apple peeler, slicer, corer that we’ve owned since the first time we harvested apples.  The best apples only require a few swipes with the paring knife to cut up the spiral slices into pieces and sometimes a few “clean up” cuts for peels or tiny blemishes that got left behind.

We harvested 11 quarts that are now packed into my freezer for later use in pies, cobblers, applesauce, apple cakes and whatever else we think of.   We still have more apples on the trees and we plan to do another session tomorrow.  We had a gorgeous day with a little breeze, but we attracted one huge wasp that we didn’t really want to collide with and a number of other pests that are attracted to sticky sweet apple juice (or humans covered with it….I probably have a dozen mosquito bites).  So we decided to stop for today and give it another go tomorrow.

So I didn’t have veggie garden, but I am making use of what we were given.  Jim did plant quite a few tomato plants, but their production was very minimal.  Even with the extra watering he did, I’m guessing the drought was to blame.  I’ve heard others with similar problems in other areas.  It was just SO hot when the tomatoes would have been forming.

So…hurray for apples!


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