More apples and an exciting purchase

We picked and froze 11 more quarts of apples today for a grand total of 22 quarts.  We are very pleased with the harvest for such a minimal effort on our part. Will post photos when I get around to making something wonderful with them, which will be very soon.

I mentioned in my vacation post that we had made a new purchase, but I didn’t want to say what it was at the time because I wanted to surprise my violin teacher.  I bought a new fiddle while we were away.  We visited Barr’s Fiddle Shop in Galax the week AFTER the big fiddlers convention (we didn’t want to be part of that crowd) and I came home with a lovely H. Luger Strad. model.

Hard to see from the photos, but it has a lovely satin finish, as opposed to a glossy one and I think it is just beautiful.  It is still in the Beginner class of violins but a definite step up from my older one.  With it I also acquired a new soft case that will hold my music AND my shoulder rest, which really pleases me, because I’ve been carrying around a separate tote with those things, as well as my hard case for the fiddle.  A real nuisance.

The next photo shows the beautiful grain in the chin rest, which is another thing that made me fall in love with it.  I bet my dad would have loved seeing this!

And then the gorgeous back of it:

The shop owner was actually selling me on a slightly cheaper fiddle that had a one-piece back.  He thought that was wonderful, and it truly is nice, but it was glossy (not my preference) and the sound was what put me over the top in love with this one.  After all, that was the reason for upgrading in the first place–I wanted a better sound.  I love the fuller sound of this fiddle and even my husband’s uninitiated ears can hear the difference.  The one I bought has a much fuller sound than the other choice and my old one. My teacher says “louder” but I just thought it was “better.”  Fiddle sound is such a subjective thing.  I always use a mute when I’m at my lessons anyway, so not an issue there.

And just so you don’t miss any of the beautiful details, here are a few more photos:

I was very excited to bring home my new fiddle, and while it did take some adjusting on my part (the bridge is slightly different) I’m beginning to feel at home with it.

I will put my original fiddle away and save it for a future family member who may one day want to play.  It is technically my daughter’s anyway, so totally her decision as to what to do with it in the future.


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