Another project completed (almost)

I was given some fabric for Christmas that I wasn’t sure how to use, since nothing in my home coordinates with it (rust red, cream and warm tan).  I thought it was lovely, but just wasn’t sure where it was going to go, since my home is mostly blue and green.  Then suddenly, I found myself with all those cream-colored curtain panels for the camper and “bing!” the light bulb went off (came on?) in my head.  They were so boring and since I didn’t have to make them from scratch, I could spend some time being creative with the ones for the bedroom area.

I already am using a cream-colored fleece blanket on the bed and sometimes use a bright-colored throw across it as well.  So I decided to use the rust print as a trim on the curtains.  I didn’t want to trim the ones behind the bed, because very little really shows of them anyway, but the ones on the front wall and back wall windows could use some zing.  So I made 2″ wide trim using one of these gadgets:

It’s a Clover product and I love using these in various smaller sizes, but the 2″ one is rather difficult to keep consistent.  The trim winds up a little less or a little more than 2″ in some areas, depending on how fast you pull it through.  It isn’t a great issue in this instance and it was a HUGE time saver for making the trim that I will use on the panels.

The ones that need trimming are currently ON the windows of the camper, so my plan is to take them down, one at a time, while we are there vacationing, and sew the trim on (just above and over the topstitched hem edge) using an obvious running stitch (as if I were quilting a quilt) with some tan quilting thread.  I think it will give it a nice “rustic” quality and I can do it while I sit by the creek, so I don’t have to drag out the sewing machine and spend time indoors if it’s nice out.  I think it will be quite relaxing, while being totally productive.

After I cut out the trim from the two yards of print fabric I decided that matching pillowcases would be nice on the bed. I didn’t have quite enough, so I used some of the extra curtain panel fabric to make them long enough and trimmed them with some purchased tan bias tape, topstiched with rust red thread, and sewed some decorative leaf stitching across the cream end.  The pillowcase construction was all done on the serger, so the insides will never ravel.   I am so happy with these and Jim thought they were amazing (he’s easy to impress when it comes to sewing, LOL.)

So here we have the results:

Here you can see the trim all made up (right side and wrong side) and ready to take with me to apply:

I will take photos of the completed bedroom when it’s done.  I think it is going to be very warm and cozy looking.  My family will be shocked because I rarely (never???) do anything for my home that isn’t blue, green, or white.  I am thinking of doing a similar color treatment in our guest room at home sometime in the future.  Ummm….NOT roosters, though!   It would be a deep, warm red, a soft, “bisquit-y,” golden beige and cream, maybe with some metallic gold accents somewhere and some beading (maybe some small amounts of velveteen or microfiber.)  I’m thinking rich and luxurious, not rustic.  I can see it in my head….but it won’t be soon, because it is so not “necessary” and it’s probably going to be expensive, even with my home dec sewing skills.

I also whipped up another two dozen of these tonight:

In case this photo looks like nothing but a lump-of-white-something to you (as it does to me!) it is actually more of the cloth “paper towels” I use in my kitchen.  Previous post from last spring explains these.  Since this blog is partly a documentation of my projects, even the boring ones make it to publication.

To give credit where it is due, I thank my son for the fabric I would have never thought to buy on my own.  I wasted NONE of it!   And the 4 yards of two different blue prints (roosters also) that I was given will be used as well, though probably for something at home.

Tomorrow is Monday, so it’s back to work, but only for five days and then next Sunday we’ll be on our way back to our little piece of  heaven for the last time this year.


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