Latest vacation and project completion.

We spent a week at the camper in the Appalachians and it was fine for me, but not so much for husband, as he is antsy to always be doing something and the weather was crap.  Overcast, cool, drizzle on and off and an occasional downpour, with only one full afternoon of sun and a few brief glimpses of it otherwise.  I sewed, played piano and fiddle, read and relaxed.  It’s harder for him as he doesn’t do much where he can just sit and relax while he does it.  He likes to drive around the countryside and that’s not so great when it’s raining or dreary.

Anyhow, I would have enjoyed more sunshine, but it was still good to be away and I completed my camper bedroom decor that was begun at home.  I sewed the curtain trim on by hand, so I could do it while I sat outside and then rehung the curtains, hung the ones behind the bed for the first time and popped on my newly-made pillowcases.  Voila! Done.

Cozy, right?  The striped throw at the end of the bed gets tossed over that front window at night to block out the too-bright security light just outside our camper.  On the bed it’s just decor.  We have warmer, larger blankets of various sizes we use, depending on the temperature.  The ivory blanket beneath the striped one is a lightweight fleece and beneath that is a light thermal one.  We have a heavy fleece one that we only add when it’s COLD in there.

I’m really happy with this room and now it’s time to bite the bullet and do the curtains for the living room area, which is a huge project (but hopefully, my LAST project for the camper.)  There’s an area behind the sofa that is wider than the one behind the bed and there are large, long windows on the front and back of the camper on that end.  I need more fabric and time to think it through.  The good news is that we won’t be returning to the camper till next May, so plenty of time without having to do it all at once.  I can fill in when I get bored with all that straight sewing and do something fun occasionally.

As a source of amusement (only to locals of my area) I took photos of a street sign between Wytheville and Speedwell, VA, that can also be seen in Salisbury, MD.

Beyond the sign for Zion Church Road in Wytheville, however, are hills.  In Salisbury, it’s all flat.  There is also a Bethany Lutheran Church in both areas and in nearby Rural Retreat, VA, (I think that’s where I saw it) there is also an Asbury Methodist Church, just as there is in Salisbury.   Funny how these names pop up in both places– probably in many places…just like Oak Street, Maple St., First Street and many others.  It makes me feel like I’m in an alternate universe 🙂

Another source of amusement during this trip was the constant sound of walnuts hitting the ground.  There seems to be a real bumper crop of nuts from the abundant walnut trees at the campsite and they could be heard hitting earth with loud thuds, especially when a gust of wind came through.  We were thinking of getting hard hats for our time out of doors.  Those things sounded like hard-slamming baseballs when they hit the roof of the camper!  Raised me right up out of sound sleep, with my heart pounding.

So our little camper in the hills is tucked in for the winter and we’ll see it when the trees are once again covered in new green leaves.  I have lots of living to do till then.  I love my retreat, but I also love my home and I’m happy here, too.  I will not wish the next seven months away wishing I was somewhere else, but it will be good when I get back there.


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