Thrifted find and an injured sparrow

The first time I’ve bought anything of note at the flea market lately is this wonderful little sewing basket loaded with goodies.

 I hope you can see the elegant shape of it and the fact that it is the perfect color match to my camper bedroom fabrics.  When I saw that, I knew I was supposed to have it, even if it was empty!  But it’s NOT!  A pattern I will eventually use, lots of thread, needles, buttons and even some yo-yo circles already cut out just waiting to be sewn.  It was meant for me.

I didn’t really “need” any of the things in the basket; I have plenty of supplies, but this basket is the perfect size to put on the floor and set my phones, watch, glasses, etc., when I go to sleep.  I’ll transfer the rest of my sewing supplies that are already at the camper into it and free up valuable real estate in a cabinet.  Yes!

As for the injured bird, it’s a sad/happy tale.  We arrived home from breakfast out this morning just in time to hear the loud “thud” with which we have become uncomfortably familiar.  We have a few casement windows which have the screen on the inside and the window glass on the outside and one of them sits at just the right angle that the sun reflects and the birds think they are flying between the branches of a tree.  We have found a number of them stunned and a few deceased. 

We were particularly upset by the large hawk that we heard one day (it’s a wonder he didn’t break the window.)  He must have been flying at a high speed and hit just right to immediately break his neck. 

However, when I heard it today and went to check, it was a little sparrow that was just standing there on the deck.  He allowed us to pick him up and take a few photos and then we placed him in a safer area, so he could recover and fly away when he was ready.  Obviously, he was disoriented, or he would never have allowed us to pick him up.  I stroked his little soft feathers and his tiny little head (can you imagine his awful headache?), gave him a bit of Reiki and wished him well. 

When I went to check on him about 10 minutes later, he was sitting, and as I approached, he did what all normal birds do…he stood up and flew away!  Yay!  He didn’t go far, but he perched on our arched trellis and eyed me cautiously from a distance.  I figured if he could perch and fly, he was going to make it. 

Here, for your enjoyment, are a few photos of our little buddy:

Since I was curious as to what specific bird he was, I looked him up and found this image:

White-throated sparrow, it was apparently NOT your day to leave earth. We are so relieved and wishing you happy (and safe!) travels.


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