Apples put to good use.

What better way to use our homegrown apples than apple pie?!!  None, I say.  I rarely remember to take photos before we dive into our food (nevermind what that says about me, please), but here it is in the current state of being enjoyed.

We also drizzled homemade caramel sauce and topped it with store-bought whipped cream (the real stuff.)   I was very disappointed with the caramel sauce recipe that I found on Pinterest.  It used corn syrup, brown sugar, butter and cream, but for all the expensive ingredients and time invested, I thought it was rather tasteless.  Other than being sweet, you couldn’t really taste that it was caramel.  Caramel has a very distinct aroma and flavor, and I won’t waste my time again on this supposed “short cut” recipe.

Next time I’m going to try the real thing (sugar, butter and cream.)  If I mess it up, I mess it up.  I was actually going to make the “easy” recipe for some holiday gifts, but if I can do the real thing, I’m going that way.  I know I’d appreciate it if someone made real caramel sauce for ME.

Anyhow, I was pleased with my pie–possibly the best one I’ve ever made and certainly the prettiest, though you certainly can’t tell that from the photo showing it after being demolished.  We also had beef stew with Bisquick dumplings on top for dinner, so it was a comfort food night here.  Lots of good leftovers for week-night eating.


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