Adventures in Caramel

Oh, Lord, this stuff is incredible!   I tried an “easy” version of caramel sauce that used corn syrup and brown sugar and it turned out really awful.  It was tasteless (though sweet, of course) and it separated into ugly layers of “stuff” in a jar.  Eh.

But this one uses only white sugar, real butter and real heavy whipping cream.  It really only takes a few minutes, but it requires very specific steps, taken at very specific times and it’s kind of persnickety about everything.  I made only one tiny mistake that caused a little bit of sugar crystals to happen, but I’m not going to let that deter me from putting this on everything from ice cream to the apple crumb pie I intend to make for T’day this week.

The only change I might make (besides the little error that caused some sugar crystals) is to add a little salt next time.  They say you can also add other flavors, such as rum or vanilla.  I think I’ll just keep this one simple.

This stuff could be seriously addicting and heaven knows I didn’t need another sweet thing to love, but I do like to know how to make things from scratch, and I’ve added another one to my repertoire.  Sometimes I just like the challenge of learning a new skill and being able to say I can do it.

I will try to get pictures of my food this week before we dive into everything.  If I don’t get anymore posts done before Thursday, (I shall be VERY busy), I wish everyone a wonderful, heart warming and tummy filling Thanksgiving, full of gratitude for all the blessings in their lives.


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