Banana Pudding

Sometimes you just feel like you need to make something in the old-fashioned, no-shortcuts, classic way and today was the day for Banana Pudding, made from the classic recipe on the Nilla Wafers box.  Which means homemade custard, not pudding from a box, and meringue topping, not Cool Whip.  I hadn’t done it in years, but I remembered how spectacular it was, so I jumped in and did it and here it is!

And here it is after we made a serious dent in it (and yes, there are only two of us here…ahem.)

Nothing really important to say about this except, YUM!….and don’t be afraid to delve into this project, even if you’re a beginner.  I had no problems whatsoever; just be sure to follow the directions exactly and enjoy!  You will be so proud of yourself.  I could have cooked the custard maybe ONE MORE MINUTE and it would have been thicker (more to my personal liking) and the bananas could have been riper, but let’s face it, that would have meant waiting one more day and I’m not doing something like this on a Monday night after work.  I’m lucky if I can warm up leftovers for dinner before I collapse in front of my DVR recordings.  If I can scrape up anymore energy than that, it is reserved for music practice. 

Wishing all a good work week.  At the end of it is a 3-day weekend for me, so let’s just get going on it!

Addendum:  If you find that you have lumps in your mixture after adding the eggs and milk to the dry ingredients, once you get it thoroughly dissolved, but still thin, just use a small strainer to get them out.  It’s a common problem with egg mixtures such as this, but easily solved.  Also….I want a wall or a sofa the color of that golden meringue!


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