Cauliflower soup

I got ambitious and tried a Cauliflower soup last Sunday.  Jim was eating his navy bean soup (with ham) that I really can’t handle and he’s not often willing to eat a meatless soup, so I figured it was my day to do it for myself.  It isn’t complicated, but it doesn’t fall into the healthiest category due to the added milk, and half & half, and lots of butter.

The base flavor is formed by sauteing chopped onion, celery and carrot, then adding lots of rough chopped cauliflower and simmering for awhile.  Then you add chicken broth and cook for awhile, then thicken with butter, flour and milk, adding the half & half at the end.  Adjust salt & pepper.  I could have left it alone and it was fine, but I wanted to try out my new immersion blender and thought I might like the soup better if it was just a bit thicker, so I did a quick blend, still leaving lots of nice chunks of cauliflower.  It was very flavorful and I enjoyed it with some warm, fresh hunks of french bread.  It made a bunch of soup, so I saved it like this:

These are one-quart containers and I got 4 of them about 3/4 full AFTER I ate what I wanted for the meal, so that was fine.  I have since frozen the contents of two of them for another time (in a different, freezer-safe container), but we ate the other two for dinner on Thursday with the addition of leftover rotisserie chicken from Wednesday’s take-home meal.  With the added chicken it was like a cream of chicken soup, but with lots of lovely, healthy veggies.  I consider this a very successful soup and I’m happy to have enough of the original concoction in my freezer for some night when I’m just not up for anything complicated and don’t feel like going anywhere.  Or maybe when one of us is sick and just needs some comforting soup.  Will add whatever leftover meat we have on hand for Jim, of course.


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