Rum Cake

My first-born turned 40 on Friday and while it made me kinda sad….and kinda freaked (I cannot be the mother of a person who is forty!), I did think he deserved to have his favorite cake, which is Rum Cake.  I used the basic Bacardi Rum Cake that I’ve made for nearly 40 years, also, but I no longer need to add the pudding mix, as most modern boxed cake mixes are already fortified with that.  (I have previously checked this out online with the Betty Crocker people)  I used the recipe found at:  I DO always add nuts, and though I usually put them on top (you put them in the bottom of the cake pan and then pour the batter over them), this time I made a mistake that, in the end, resulted in the nuts being mixed into the batter.  Don’t make me tell you what I did wrong, it’s just too embarrassing to still be making such silly mistakes.

Anyhow, it all came out great and tasted wonderful.  Here it is, ta dah!

I realize that it looks strangely upside down because the top rose so high that when I flipped it like you’re supposed to, it was truly round on the bottom and stayed that way.  It also looks like it has no glaze, but trust me, it is loaded with the butter rum glaze.  I found a tip on the internet about glazing this type of cake that was truly amazing.  After your cake has cooled, make your glaze, allow it to cool a little,  and pour half of it back into the cake pan.  Place the cake (into which you have poked many holes) into the pan on top of the glaze.  Leave it there and it will soak up the glaze.  Pour the other half of the glaze over the top (holes here, too) and when you can see that it’s soaked in, flip the cake out onto your cake dish.  The glaze you poured into the bottom should be soaked in by now and it should be perfect.

This is not for a thick, icing-like glaze, but just for this type that is meant to soak in and make the cake moist and rum-my.  And oh my, does it ever!  All these years I have futzed around with that drippy glaze trying to get it into the cake and losing most of it on the cake plate and here it is so easy.  Who knew?

Son took most of his cake home (after we all had some) and we got to keep a chunk.  Yum.


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