Sausage and peppers and mushrooms, oh my…

One night a few weeks ago we had this wonderful dish thanks to a posting by one of my favorite bloggers, Anneliese, of Aesthetic Nest.   I’m going to  include a photo of my own, but for better pictures and the complete recipe check that out at

The results were great, but I did have a problem finding the type of sausage she called for and then had trouble removing the sausage from the casings.  I’ve seen this done on t.v. and they sure make it look easy, but my casings just broke into bits and I’d still be working on that if I hadn’t given up and done something different.  I sliced the sausage into pieces and sautéed them up, which worked out fine.  If anyone has a tip on removing these from the casings, please let me know.  Wish I could just find bulk sausage of the Italian type and then it wouldn’t be an issue.

So here’s my finished dish

We have enough leftovers to feed an army, so we’ll be eating it again one night and maybe sharing some.  Like nearly all of the “pasta and other stuff” recipes that I’ve tried, I think this one has way more pasta than needed.  If I make it again, I’ll cut it in half or maybe reduce by a third.  We like the other flavors and textures so much and less pasta would make it healthier, since we are not using whole wheat pasta.  I’ve tried whole grain pastas and I just don’t care for the taste or the crumbly texture. 

I’d call this recipe a great success!


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