Chicken and Dumpling Chowder

I decided that, since I invented this soup, I could name it whatever I wanted and this seems to be a very accurate name.  I did something I rarely do when it comes to cooking–I winged it!  I knew what I wanted it to be and I used the experience I have in the kitchen to come up with something on my own.  I didn’t even think I had it in me to do that, but I did and we were both more than satisfied with the result.  I always use other people’s recipes so this is really a first for me. And here it is:

I had leftover rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, boxes of store-bought chicken stock, frozen corn and frozen store-bought dumplings.   I made a roux first, since I like the slightly thickened soup one gets from homemade dumplings added to chicken stock.   I knew it wasn’t going to happen with the frozen dumplings, so I made the roux before I added the stock.  I used 4 tbs. each of butter and flour, whisking while heating it for just a couple of minutes.  Careful not to burn this! 

 Then I gradually added the stock, continuing to stir to prevent lumps.   I used a very large box and a smaller box of low sodium chicken stock, which added up to about 9 cups, give or take a little.  Then I seasoned it generously with Poultry Seasoning and some extra Thyme, just because I like it.   I kind of eyeballed this (like Rachel Ray!), but I’m guessing a heaping tbs of the poultry seasoning and maybe another tsp of the thyme.   Adjust this for your own taste or use your own favorite combinations of herbs that you like with your chicken.  I did NOT add salt or pepper, as I didn’t feel it was needed.  Here’s why:  the chicken is loaded with both when they inject it at the store, so that’s going to be already in there.  Honestly, I thought it tasted fine even before I added the chicken. 

When this seasoned stock was boiling, I added 2-3 cups of frozen corn.  Feel free to add whatever frozen or leftover veggies you prefer.  I only cooked that for a few minutes and then started gradually adding Anne’s frozen dumplings, about 20 or so I’m guessing, but it could probably do with less than that.   I cooked that mixture for 10 minutes and then added in the leftover chicken, cut up in small chunks.  It only needs to heat until the chicken is hot again, so I left this to simmer with a cover on it while my rolls baked.  By then the flavors were blended and this was a totally excellent soup. 

This all took less than an hour, because Jim had taken the chicken off the carcass ahead of time for me.  There was no chopping or long-term stewing for this soup and I would call it “semi-homemade” but no one will care when they eat it!


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