Some organization, finally!

My spice cabinet was totally stuffed full and with so little organization that I wound up buying duplicates because I couldn’t find what was in there.  The same cabinet is also shared with vinegars and all sorts of baking supplies, like powdered cocoa, baking powder and baking soda.  I try for order, putting like products together and tried to alphabetize the spices, but there are too many, and I can’t see the ones that are behind, three or four deep.  So I found a wonderful spice rack online at Organize. com.   It came this week and is now proudly attached to a nearby wall.

I actually bought two of them and placed them one above the other.  I’ve filled them up already, alphabetically, and here it is:

My cabinet is still full!   I kept the smaller bottles in the cabinet because they are on a stand that has levels and I can find the ones behind easily, so it’s fine.  Since the racks didn’t hold ALL of my larger bottles, I put the duplicates in the cabinet and a few oddly shaped ones that I rarely use.   The rest of the cabinet still holds the baking supplies and vinegars, as before, but it’s much easier to find things now.   

This was an early birthday present, and my next one is going to be a much-needed, pull-down cookbook holder.  It will be placed right where I can see it while I’m working on a recipe at the stove.  I can’t wait!


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