Last weekend I took some great photos of the wisteria I have grown from seed.  Keep in mind that I started these plants only 3.5 years ago in a pot–several pots, actually, but only 3 did well before being placed outside.   The first summer in the ground, they grew round and round, up the arched trellis (only two seedlings survived) and had lots of foliage, but no flowers, which is normal.  The next summer, they had maybe a half-dozen blooms.  Last summer they had dozens of them and put out many, many pods (I saved some seeds and gave them to my sis-in-law to start her own.)   Here we are in the 4th spring and it looks like THIS:


Apparently, my seeds were from a “parent” plant, because wisteria doesn’t usually bloom like this for a number of years; in some cases, as much as 10!   Parent plants do bloom early and prolifically, so I guess I was lucky to get one of those!   I would like to say that these seeds came from J.L. Hudson, so if you do business with them, you will be happy.  They are a “seed saver” company and the seeds are truly economical; in fact, the wisteria seeds were freebies that came with my order for Job’s Tears seeds. 


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