Happy Birthday to me!

My most wonderful birthday gift just got installed today and I’m so pleased I could bust!  I’ve been wanting a pull-down cookbook holder for ages, so this year when my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday I was ready with an answer.  I looked at many models online and most of them were wood-trimmed and expensive.  I don’t have anything else with natural wood showing in my entire kitchen.  All my cabinets are white and my accessories are either black, white, stainless or chrome.  Then I found this clear acrylic one and it was considerably cheaper than most of the others, so that’s what we ordered.  Hubby and I were very satisfied with the quality construction of it when it arrived.

It is nearly invisible when closed:

Isn’t that cool?

It just holds my larger cookbooks and my only teeny problem is that shadow on the top 1/3 of the page, but I think I can place a small light nearby that will fix that.  My oven is 10″ to the right of the corner, which means I’m standing in that corner when I’m cooking.  This upper cabinet is to the left of that corner and right at my left shoulder.  Perfect.


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