Study in Hydrangea

I have been working on projects but nothing is completed and ready to photograph just yet, so I will give you a quick update, followed by photos of the plant that is most lovely in my garden right now.  I’ve been working on upcycling some plain men’s (because they fit) T-shirts, following some ideas I found on Pinterest.  Got one more to complete and then I’ll post some photos.

I have two large (6′ tall) plastic cabinets of the type you use for garage storage that we inherited for free.  I really need these in my sewing room, but they are an ugly grey-green color and that will not do in my “rose garden” themed sewing room.  So I’m trying a primer (Zinzzer 1-2-3) that is supposed to make regular paint bond with the plastic.  I’m doing one first to make sure it works and then will do the other.  So far the primer is on and it needs to cure for a week to get the best adhesion.  I’m not going to try to short-cut that and take a chance that my hard work was for nothing, so the final painting will be done next weekend.  Photos to follow.

{ADDENDUM:  We had a terrible thunderstorm run through here last night, with wind gusts up to 70 mph and it blew my cabinet off the deck, despite having turned it face to the wall with the doors shut!  It ripped off both doors, blew out the shelves and caused some large scratches in some of the primer.  Hubby is going to try to repair it, but it means I have to sand and do some re-priming 😦  I hate doing things twice.  Today was the day I was supposed to put the finish coat on it!}

Here comes the hydrangea!  This is not the well-known variety that has flowers that are round like big snowballs, but I don’t remember the variety that it is (it was a gift several years ago.)  This is the best season they’ve had so far and I’m thrilled with them.  My photography skills are nonexistent and I really wish I could convey the brightness of the blue and the way the sun shines through it.  The color and light effect is a lot like the large blue morning glories I’ve had.  Gorgeous!



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