Organization of the sewing room—the very beginning

The first thing I needed to do was to get all my ribbons in some semblance of size and type.  I don’t have so many that they need to be organized by color, as long as I can see them all and they are not a tangled mess–which some of the skinniest ones were because I bought them in a bag of “end cuts.”  Cheap, but a mess.

I bought some large storage jars at Target and the largest one holds two gallons.  I have placed everything in there that is at least 1/4″ wide.  I purchased old fashioned, one-piece wooden clothespins from the craft store.  You used to be able to get these in the Dollar General for a buck or two, but now the craft stores know they are being used for crafts and they jack up the price to about $9 for the same amount of pins 😦    Any ribbon that wasn’t already on a spool or in a package got wound neatly on a clothespin and taped to keep it from unwinding.  All of them fit in the large jar with room to spare for more in the future.  It’s still wild, but not tangled, and I can search easily through them when I’m looking for a color. 

Then I wound all the smaller ones (approximately 1/8″ or less) on more clothespins and put them in a one gallon jar.  I have clothespins leftover and plenty of room for more ribbons.

Step One is complete.  I may put these in my cabinets (I’m still working on the large plastic cabinets) but if I don’t they are still okay to leave out on my workspace or on an open shelf.  They are all together and won’t gather dust in the jars.  

Yay!  Back to painting and repairing the cabinet 😦


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